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Cultural Humility Training

Denver Indian Family Resource Center is currently engaged with several agencies to provide Cultural Humility training for their staff and community partners.  Community service agencies have a long history of civil engagement with traumatized populations; however, very few have taken the approach to understand historical trauma.  Most agencies develop diversity and cultural awareness training to help support their staff without providing a deep rich history of generational trauma regarding the communities and people they serve.  Agencies must also take into account the trauma that their employees also carry internally.  Understanding how history, trauma, and one’s individual behaviors interact with those we serve is vital to understanding cultural humility.  We believe that there is a clear difference between “Cultural Humility,” which requires a personal investment of changed behavior, and other similar workshops.

Core components to Cultural Humility workshops are:

  1. Understanding the difference between “Cultural Humility” and other cultural trainings such as cultural competency or cultural diversity.
  2. Providing rich history of traumatized communities and how that creates internalized oppression and generational trauma.
  3. Identifying “Support Stilts” that supports worker self-awareness.
  4. Supporting employee development when engaging with communities that are traumatized.

The in-person class is an opportunity for participants to experience a more interactive approach to identifying traumatized communities, understanding the differences in individual, institutional, and systemic culture, racial and ethnic identification (REI), self-reflection, and building capacity of cultural humility. The in-person class alternates from educational sections, to class interaction and/or group activities. All portions are strength-based approaches to involve the participant in a healthy positive discussion around building their own capacity towards self-reflection and awareness.

If you or your agency is interested in this training, please contact Kathryn Redhorse at


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