DIFRC | Denver Indian Family Resource Center

Nurturing Parenting Program

DIFRC’s community programs have been designed to strengthen American Indian and Alaska Native children, parents/caregivers, families by increasing resiliency, sharing knowledge about parenting and child development, offering opportunities to create social connections, providing resources for times of need, and increasing children’s social and emotional skills.

Culturally-adapted parenting classes have been offered in 12-week cycles for families with children 0 to 18 years old. Parents/caregivers, children, and teens attended groups designed to promote healthy physical and emotional development, appropriate roles, and developmental expectations. Families enjoyed a warm meal and nurturing time together. Our Nurturing Parenting Program was designed to strengthen families through a focus in five areas:

  • Building self-worth and appropriate expectations through an increased understanding of child development,
  • Developing increased empathy and a sense of caring in parents and children,
  • Utilizing positive, non-violent discipline practices and techniques,
  • Exploring family roles and increasing self-awareness, and
  • Developing personal power in both adults and children.

For current parenting classes on Zoom, please see https://difrc.org/nurturing-parenting-program-classes-on-zoom/