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Staff Member Honored with Mayor’s Award

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In October, Patrick Kills Crow, a respected elder, a long-time Denver community member, and DIFRC Outreach Coordinator was nominated by the Denver American Indian Commission for the 2022 Mayor’s Diversity & Inclusion Award! DIFRC staff have the privilege of seeing him in action serving the community everyday, are honored to work alongside him, and know he is very deserving of this award!

Here’s what Patrick had to say about this award:
“Feeling Blessed, I wanted to share my Feelings of Gratitude to my Friends (Kodas’) and My Relatives (mititakuyapi’) and to the DENVER AMERICAN INDIAN COMMISSION for The Nomination pertaining to the Mayors Diversity and Inclusion Awards last evening at the Denver Museum last Evening, And for The Gifts from the Heart, I Appreciate Each n Every One of You For All That You Do for the Native community, and For All The Indigenous Ladies whom Strive to Keep our Elders n Children in Mind as We Move Forward Towards the Future… WOPIDA’ ECI’CIYAPI’…. RESPECTFULLY, Patrick KillsCrow”

Congratulations Patrick!

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